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Another day of war, another beautiful story from the home front

אירוע בבנייני האומה לנשות המילואימניקים

* Translation by Yehoshua Siskin ([email protected])

Here’s another story that shows how we continue to break records when it comes to acts of kindness, not only on the part of those who live here, but on the part of those from the Diaspora as well.

Haim and Hinda Heckelman run a catering business. They were invited to cater a wedding of a Jewish couple from abroad, but because of the war the couple and their relatives had decided, in the end, to hold their wedding on their home turf. But here’s where the story gets interesting:

“We were sure the event had been canceled,” Hinda related. “But then at the last minute the couple surprised us and announced that they did not want to cancel. To the contrary, they wanted to increase the number of portions originally ordered to include women affected by the war.

And so the event was held last night at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. The women invited numbered 550, some of them single mothers, some of them displaced from their homes and living in hotels, some of them arriving in buses from Sderot, Ofakim, Netivot, and small communities near the Gaza periphery.

In addition to the guests’ enjoyment of a lavish wedding feast, they were honored with a a special entertainment program and lots of love and caring from the newly married couple and their entourage.”

Mazal tov to the couple who wish to remain anonymous. Your home, from the very beginning, is being built on extraordinary lovingkindness.


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