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A spark of life

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

As of this morning, the number of those in Israel who have passed away from the pandemic stands at 1,749. It is simply not possible to speak of each and every one of the deceased, even though all are worthy of being eulogized, as everlasting memories of them will always be with us. Here is a brief description of just one corona casualty whose spark of life continues to glow among us.

Rav Benaya Nebenzahl passed away last month after a prolonged struggle with the coronavirus even though he was meticulous in following its restrictions. There are many stories about his devotion to his students, his deep concern for everyone, his endless good deeds, and his fascinating educational approach. One story about him in particular caught my eye:

His daughter was once about to leave with her school on its annual trip. She asked what clothes she should wear, whether the school's uniform or regular clothes. Her father asked her: "What do you think most of your friends will wear?" She gave her answer and then he said: "If so, wear what you think most of them will not be wearing so that if one of them wears something different from the rest, she will not feel alone and be embarrassed."

In his memory and in the memory of another 1,748 whose lives have been taken away but not forgotten.


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