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A sixth grader reveals our source of strength in the journey through life

הספר והתלמידים

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

A beautiful initiative at the Darkei Yehudah school in Modi'in culminated in the creation of a special book. It consists of the ideas of sixth graders regarding the weekly Torah portion. This week the publication of the book was accompanied by a festive ceremony. Zack Borowitz, one of the sixth graders, wrote about the book of Numbers (Bamidbar), whose first chapters were read in the synagogue on Shabbat, as follows.

"At the beginning of the book of Numbers the alignment of the children of Israel is described in detail. Many verses are devoted to the order in which they traveled and camped, according to their tribes. The entire encampment is arranged around the heart of the nation, the Mishkan or sanctuary, the spiritual center.

This is a significant message: If you place spirituality, holiness, and eternal values at the center of your life, you will have the strength to travel on any road, no matter how long and difficult it might be."

Despite his young age, Zack concluded: "Life is a journey. The real challenge is to put the Mishkan at the center of our lives and make it the main thing. We cannot get confused and must know where we are traveling and what our purpose is."

I read these words and was deeply moved. Here are children and teachers who were inspired with profound ideas about the parasha, wrote them down, and published them. It is apparent that they do indeed know how to put the Mishkan at the center of their attention as their journey through life continues.

Let's wish these sixth graders much success along all the roads that they will travel.


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