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A day of homage to the wounded

בתמונה: במפגש עם אהרון קרוב

Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"Shalom Sivan, I am Aharon Karov. I was seriously wounded in Operation Cast Lead in Gaza 13 years ago. Today, the 17th of Kislev, is the official day of homage to those wounded in Israel's wars and other hostile enemy encounters. I am personally reinforced on this day since I am preoccupied with this subject 365 days a year, but on this particular day other people pay attention to me as well. I have discovered that on this day it's possible to be strengthened by the public. I am no longer just a little person who is still doing rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but part of a much bigger story.

After I was critically wounded I underwent many surgeries. I will not forget the children who would stop on the street and stare at me throughout this process because of my appearance. But in a certain sense, I have always thought that I am still rather well off since there are many wounded that no one sees. Those with traumatic, yet invisible wounds whom we have forgotten years after the event or attack. But they have not forgotten for an instant, and we are so grateful that they were there in our name, for us. Today is also an opportunity to pay attention to them, who carry an unseen burden. They are people for whom the battle is over but the war continues each day, and also during the night.

In the Torah portion that we read on Shabbat, Yaakov Avinu fights and struggles through the night. The Torah describes how he is wounded, that he becomes lame, but afterwards it is written that morning comes, the sun rises, and he continues to go forward. This is our challenge too."


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