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6 simple ways to be miserable


Translation by Yehoshua Siskin

"When Adar enters, we increase in joy," and the new month of Adar is being observed today. To explain why people fail to experience joy, Dr. Sol Herzig, an American psychologist, wrote a penetrating article, sarcastic in tone, bearing the title: "Six Simple Strategies for Achieving Misery."
1. Cling to entitlement. Always feel that you deserve everything, that life owes you, that you were born to receive. Always look for the injustice in others having something that you don't have. Furthermore, never agree to any concession or compromise.
2. It's all personal. Always assume that everything unfortunate that happens to you results from evil intentions meant specifically for you. Search for malicious motives behind everything and conclude that what happens to you is final proof that you, in particular, do not matter to others.
3. Focus on problems. Keep careful track of all your problems and review them constantly. Nurture the attitude that you really cannot move on in life until everything that bothers you is resolved first.
4. Magnify. Don't keep anything in perspective. Adopt negative thinking in regard to every mishap, as if it signals the end of the world. Hold a grudge over every slight, without any attempt at reconciliation or forgiveness.
5. Expect catastrophe. It is critical to remember that really terrible things can occur at any moment. Let your imagination run wild with thoughts of diseases, disasters, and terrorist attacks. Don't let anything surprise you. Be constantly vigilant.
6. Never be grateful. Regard everything you have been given as something that should be taken for granted, without thanking those who made it possible. Try to focus on what you lack instead of on what you have.
Do you want to be happy? Distance yourself from all of the above.
Have a good month that's full of joy.


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